Thursday, November 29, 2012


My interview today was a success! I mean, I haven't received an offer, but I did interview with two attorneys at the firm and felt wonderfully confident and comfortable.

I decided at the last minute to wear this top instead of the blue one I had picked out yesterday. This top is actually a sort of fuschia and midnight blue/plum sort of blend, and it really looks great with my yellow skin tone. I actually missed a bus downtown, and with only 30 minutes until the interview and 2.5 miles between me and the uptown office, I decided to walk it. More like run it. Long story short, this top is much more, um, sweat-friendly. So glad I opted for this one!

There's more to this second pic, though. See that tucked in top? See right below that, just at the waistband of those pants I love so much? See that round thing? That, dear friends, is my belly.


I'm on a mission to be kinder to myself, and that is actually an integral part of this wardrobe project. I eat a healthy diet which is mostly vegan and all vegetarian, and I exercise (walking and running - totally thankful for that today!) yet my body still insists that I have a tummy and a booty. Fine. I'm done hiding behind baggy clothes, done waiting to lose some pounds, done wishing this or that body part were a little different. Done done done.This is me, 40 years old, size 14, showing the world my little belly and smiling all the way to the...interview. And you know what? I felt great,and confident, and heads turned. THAT sure as hell never happened in my red tent dress.

Running in heels did a number on my feet, though.They're literally shredded and it looks like I'll be losing a toenail. Yowza. Next interview, I'm tucking my Vibrams in my bag, just in case.

PS I need a haircut. Every time it gets so round and poofy I think of Steel Magnolias and brown helmet head.  I'm growing out a short boy cut that I loved and might do again. Like this:

 But I found this and like it, too,so I'll maybe do something like this next. All I know is that I'm not rocking good hair right now.


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