Friday, November 30, 2012

Casual Friday

I'm playing around with different ways to mix-n-match the wardrobe I'm building and help myself to pull outfits together. So far, I'm having the most success with finding images of similar items and just bring those into a slide, so that's what I'll stick with for now.  
Today I have no interviews, no plans, nothing. Well, I met my daughter for lunch, but that involved  walking the 5 minutes to her school and back again 20 minutes later. Other than that, it's an easy day at home just resting, cleaning, cooking, and preparing for a fun event I'm hosting tomorrow. 
I'm also recuperating from the massive blisters and mild shin splints from yesterday's run in heels. Argh. Hence the cozy Vibrams for the times I'm not totally barefoot, like right now.

I couldn't find a pic online to approximate this top, so I just grabbed a pic of another graphic blouse. Yes, it's the same top I wore yesterday. 

Plus my free specs from Firmoo. I have another pair coming in the mail, maybe today. I ordered the same pair, but in tortoise. So, not thrifted, but free except for $6.95 shipping! I have a few other pair saved with other companies. I'm starting to love glasses, which I never really did before.


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