Monday, November 19, 2012

$20 - Take Two

So, now that I bought my first five basic pieces and started mixing them in with what I had on hand, I was ready to set out thrift shopping again. This time, my focus was less on professional pieces, and more on accessories and a pair of jeans. Thrifting jeans is a tricky, tricky thing, so I figured if I struck out on jeans then I'd substitute a pair of casual khakis, and if I just couldn't find anything to fit my post-4-babies body, then I'd settle on a denim skirt. Although, denim skirts are also notoriously tricky on the thrift level, because every decade's bad denim is on those racks. When it comes to thrifted denim skirts, it's all about wash and length, but we'll get to that another time, because I DID find jeans!

My list this time was pretty simple:

1. Tan or other neutral shoe
2. At least 1 scarf
3. At least 1 belt
4. Jeans.

Anything else was a bonus. I think this trip was a great success!

Camel slingbacks, like new $6

Rust woven thin belt, casual or dressy $1

Mock turtleneck shell, perfect for layering! $2 (50% off)

Dockers jeans, $3.50 (50% off)

Ann Taylor Loft supersoft navy striped top, $2

LOVE this versatile knee-length chambray dress! $3.50 (50% off)

Dior  silk scarf, possibly vintage? No idea. Love. $3
I handwashed and it's all wrinkly now, but it's huge and gorgeous
and goes with everything. 
Total spent - $21
Number of pieces - 7
Favorite item- chambray dress
Remorse? - yes! I regret not having enough in my budget to buy the $5 handbag that would have been perfect for interviewing! 

Total so far =$40 With what I had on hand when I started and the dozen or so items I've purchased, I now have about 30 mix/match outfits. Granted, there's a lot of repetition in that 30, but still, it's a start!


Oh, I picked up one more goody on this trip! I found this amazing vintage Greenlea faux fur belted coat, and I DESPERATELY want it to fit me, but my stupid big arms (I love you, arms!) won't let it be. So, while I consider taking it apart and stitching it back up to fit my proportions, I have it listed in my brand new shop. You can own it, if you get to it before my scissors do!

You'll find it at The Thrifted Shop. 


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