Friday, December 7, 2012

Jacket vs. Jacket


I bought both of these last weekend, and I like them both, but I just can't decide about the grayish one. It's vintage wool. I feel all kinds of powerful with those sweet, sweet shoulders, and I love the single button at my smallest waist area, but I just don''t think the length suits me. Maybe with heels? Hmm. On the other hand, the red one strikes me as being better proportions for my body, but I actually look wider in it. Hmm.

I actually went back to Garland Road Thrift today with the intention of exchanging the vintage jacket, but I brought the wrong receipt, so it's still here with me. I wore the red one, and people kept trying to steal it from me! Once, I went in the dressing room and came out to find it gone. Gasp! I asked the closest employee, and she had grabbed it from my cart and stuck it on a rack and wheeled it out of sight. The second time, I was trying on scarves in front of a mirror and turned around to find it gone. Gasp! A 20-something "girl" had it at the counter asking about the price. I walked up and said, "There isn't one, because I wore it in."

It was in the cart right behind me, woman! Who does that? Sheesh.

Anyway, got these last Saturday.

Total spent - $14 ( $7 each )
Number of pieces - 2
Favorite item- red jacket
Remorse? - maybe? I still have time to return the vintage one. 

PS-I scored like crazy today. I'll post tomorrow.


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